Writers lead exciting lives!

What I’m NOT doing today is lying on my back in a sunny field watching the clouds go by.

What I am doing is checking the page proofs for book one of King Rolen’s Kin.

I suppose I could be cleaning the stove …

No, honestly, I’m happy to spend the day checking the page proofs. There is something very satisfying about polishing your work and the closer the book comes to publication, the more satisfying (and scary) that is.

I had a nightmare the other night. I dreamed the book had come out and a reviewer gave it a scathing review. They said it was derivative. Then they pointed out all these things that were derivative and I was thinking how did I not see this? And feeling awful!

In the light of day I know the book is not derivative. Sure it is a traditional fantasy so it plays with themes that are familiar to all of us, but it is also quirky and fun because the characters are what drive the plot forward, which makes it a satisfying read. I hope.

I’m guessing every writer quakes in their boots when their book is about to be published.  Here’s hoping King Rolen’s Kin is a Keeper. What books do you consider Keepers?

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