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Dancers are Different

According to Scientific Blogging (yes, I am a nerd) dancers DNA is different from the general population, even from athletes, who also need high levels of stamina. Here’s the article.

Apparently, dancers have a tendency towards spirituality expressed through movement and the desire to communicate this. My uncle was a ballet a dancer,  which was something of a anomaly in Brisbane in the 1960s so he had to be really driven to dance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they discover that writers have different slant in their DNA. All creative people are driven to create, otherwise why would they put up with the pain and lack of recognition? We certainly don’t do it for the money. LOL


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Who wants a little boredom????

Okay, who wants a little boredom?

I’d like there to be days when nothing unexpected happens. No more excitement, no cars breaking down, no hot water systems blowing up and definitely no children being mugged and bashed (he’s OK).

I’d like to be able to get up, do all the stuff that needs to be done to run a large family and meet my obligations, and then have the mental space to let story ideas brew.

I think you need a bit of boredom for creativity to happen. Sure, you input stimulus, you read true-life accounts, read history, listen to people talk etc, but there has to be this quiet time, when it all just simmers away in your brain making connections and suddenly, out of the blue (or gold) there’s this idea that just demands to be written.

So, yeah, I want a little boredom. I think it’s good for creativity. Remember when you were a kid and your summer holiday stretched for ever?

I want that feeling back again.


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Fancy becoming a hobbit?

According to BBC New Entertainment & Arts, Peter Jackson is looking for short people to play hobbits in the movie of the same name. (Following on from yesterday’s post ‘hobbit’ is another word created by an author that has made it into the Oxford dictionary).

So if you are a keen on the hobbit or film making, here’s an opportunity to do both. When watching the special features on Lord of the Rings (extended version) the one thing that came through clearly was how dedicated everyone behind the scenes was to getting the film just right. Clearly it was a life changing experience for many and they were sorry when the making of the films was over.

There just aren’t enough opportunities for creative people to work on something great.

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You know you’ve made it when …

As a writer, you know you’ve made it  when one of your invented words ends up in the Oxford Dictionary. eg.

(Photo from Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition)

Here’s the Oxford Dictionary definitnon of Steampunk (See here for the origin of the word)

My definition of Steampunk – A reason to wear really cool costumes and celebrate intricate and elegant machinery from a time when things were not designed to wear out in 2 years to force you to buy the next model.

See my article on the Allure of Steampunk here.

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My book trailer

If you like the book trailer my (long suffering) husband did for King Rolen’s Kin you may like to drop by this site and vote for it. (You vote in the side bar).


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Pratchett Insight

I came across a blog post on Pratchett’s books which says, much more eloquently, how I feel about his works. Here’s where you can find the full post.

‘Pratchett’s use of dwarfs, trolls, vampires and numerous other species as denizens of the Discworld epitomizes this. They started off as standard fantasy archetypes, reflecting the earlier Discworld novels’ genesis as a parody of fantasy cliché, but as the series progressed, they are developed into people, so that readers forget they have rocky hides for skin or fangs’

I love the way Pratchett uses the fantasy world to make us look at ourselves. Fantasy is the perfect medium for this. I did my Masters on Discrimination and Persecution in Fantasy Books. When you take a reader into an invented world and give them a character to identify with, they feel what the character feels (if you’ve engaged the reader).

So, I raise a glass of cyber champers to Terry. By the way that is an excellent cover.

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Writers are weird

Found this on writers and just had to share it. Apparently there is something going around about why dating a writer is a good idea. And this person has added to it. The original is in blod.

My two favourites are below:

  1. Writers are really passionate. About writing. Not necessarily about you. Are you writing?
  2. Writers can think through their feelings. So don’t start an argument unless you’re ready for a very, very lengthy explication of our position, our feelings about your position, and what scenes from our recent fiction the whole thing is reminding us of.

My long suffering husband will vouch for the fact that he has taken me out to dinner only to realise that my head is in a book.

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