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Sorting through my life …

We’re renovating, before selling and buying a smaller house. We’ve been in the one place for 20 years (it’s the longest we’ve been anywhere) and there are archaeological layers for me to sort through.

First, I went through all my books. It is amazingly hard to part with books, each one is a friend and represents a certain point in your life.

Looking at what remains on the book shelves, I will have to go through them again.

Now I’m sorting my office/study. This is truly scary. How do you know if something is going to prove important in a year’s time?

I’m being very good. I’m throwing things out by the bag full! (Update. Just threw out 3 large garbage bags full of papers).

I keep telling myself this is good. I’ll be able to think more clearly when it’s all over. A tidy office represents a tidy mind.

Or does it just give me a chance to build up layers of notes and books again?


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Buffy Rebooted????


Just heard that they are making a new Buffy series without Joss Whedon! Read about it here. Can this be true?

As someone who didn’t discover Buffy until the series was over, I was able to buy the whole set and watch it episode after episode until it was finished. Sigh …

I could wax lyrical about characterisation and so much more. In fact, thinking about Buffy has made me realise that enough time has passed since I watched the whole series that I could probably sit down and watch it again!

Oh joy!



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Refreshing the Brain

I’ve been marking assignments solidly all this week, when I would much rather have been working on The Outcast Chronicles (the trilogy I have to hand in early next year). Twelve hour days of marking leaves me feeling mentally drained. So what do I do to revive myself?

I feed my brain with beautiful images. I have books on art. Here’s some of my faves:

The pre raphaelites. I have several books on them and when the TV series came out I looked forward to every episode. It didn’t worry me that they played around with the timeline. I felt they’d captured the essence of the group. (Having lived as a passionate young artist with a group of artists the TV  series made me laugh). Such romantics and the women are so beautiful …

John Everett Millais,  Lady of Shallot

And one more, another of Millais, although I love all the others, too.

Leyendecker’s art. You know how you see a piece of art by someone and it stays with you and it might be years later before you discover that artist again and work out who he is and where he fits into the  world of art? Maybe you don’t if you’ve grown up with the internet. But before that, when I was a child, I’d glimpse an image somewhere and it might be years before I was able to put a name to the artwork. My husband bought me a book on Leyendecker.  So stylish.

And one more because I can’t resist …

Of course I have more favourite artists. I’m a visual person. If I go to the art gallery, I come out  feeling like I’m walking on air. Other writers I know play music. Many will have a selection of music that they play specifically when writing a certain book or a series. I collect images which float around in my mind as I write.

Are you a music person or an image person?


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King Rolen’s Kin Book 4

I’d like to thank all the people who’ve contacted me about the fourth book in the Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin. A writer spends years developing the world of a series. They dedicate themselves to the characters. They devote themselves to the plot. And then they send their books out into the world, hoping someone will get as much of a buzz from the stories as they do.

It makes my day, when readers come looking for KRK 4.

The good news is that I have heaps of ideas for another three books. The bad news for KRK readers is that I have to hand in a new fantasy series – The Outcast Chronicles –  before I can tackle the new KRK books.

But once I have handed the new series in to my publisher, I’ll be free to take a journey to Rolencia and find out what happens to Byren, Piro and Fyn.


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Pssst, want to hang out with some writers …

Come to Victoria Point Angus and Robertson bookstore this Saturday, 11 am. (This is Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

I’ll be there along with the cute, but canny Kylie Chan.

One of life’s true romantics, Trent Jamieson.

And the effervescent Marianne de Pierres (who moonlights as Marianne Delacourt).

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Prejudice is alive and well …

Book one of King Rolen’s Kin has been given a one-star review on Amazon because it has a gay character in it. Orrie is loyal and smart and one of my favourite characters.

Here’s the link.

I feel honoured.  Now if I can only get the book banned!


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Drive-by Post

If anyone has been following me on Twitter they’ll know I’ve been ridiculously busy.

Sick family, work, filling in for people sick at work and renovating on top of that. We pulled up the vinyl in half of the bottom floor over the weekend and filled 3 cubic metre skip with rubbish. Plus I am trying to complete The Outcast Chronicles to hand in early next year!

But I did see a sign that really appealed to me.

Sigh, now if only everyone was as rational.

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My book’s been released into the wild …

I came across Bookcrossing a couple of years ago, when I attended the Aurealis Awards in Brisbane and someone ‘released’ a Doctor Who book into the wild. I found it nestling on my car windscreen, took it home and adopted it. Much later I released it to a secondhand book shop where I’m sure it made lots of friends before being adopted by a reader. (Not a true bookcrossing, but my version of it).

Apparently the third book of my King Rolen’s Kin trilogy, The Usurper, has been released into the wild in Spain. The ‘releaser’ (if there is such a term says):

‘a good end to a fantasy series that kept me enthralled and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The political plots, the hidden agendas, the magic, it all makes this an interesting tale of good, bad, and all that lies in between. ‘ (see more here)

I hope my book finds a good home …


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Currently watching …

When I heard they were doing a contemporary Sherlock Holmes I thought, Oh dear …

But I was wrong. Delightfully, wrong.

Apart from Sherlock looking like he’s twelve (sigh, why does everyone look so young now days?), the show is a delight.

My favourite line so far would have to be in episode one where someone accuses Holmes of being a killer and he says, ‘Nonsense, I’m a high functioning sociopath.’ Or words to that effect.

The show had just the right tone for me. Haven’t laughed so much in ages!

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