Brain Fry!

There they are, the three covers of The Outcast Chronicles. Big thanks to Solaris and Clint Langley for producing such beautiful covers.

It is the end of May (I know there’s a couple of days left, but I go back to work on Monday, so I only have tomorrow). Now I have to hand in the trilogy. It’s been a long journey. I began the first draft almost ten years ago. There was a rewrite the year I did my Masters and took the first book to ROR. The books have evolved and grown, especially in the last year when I’ve been working on them every spare moment.

What does it feel like to hand in a trilogy that you’ve poured your heart and soul into?


My brain is officially fried. (See my 5 stages of writing a book on the Mad Genius Club Blog). I would need to put the trilogy away for at least month then read it from beginning to end before I could even contemplate doing anything more to it.  Since I could go on tweaking for ever and I have the end of May as my deadline it is now time to stop.

Take a deep breath, step away from the trilogy … and turn to face the new King Rolen’s Kin trilogy. What wonderful ideas I have for testing Byren, Orrie, Fyn and Piro!



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9 responses to “Brain Fry!

  1. Richard Stein

    You mean they all live!!! You know I hate happy endings ….Spoiler alert next time please 😉 lol

    You have hooked me in Rowena … as Mr King would say, I have become one of your constant readers.

  2. Ah, so we should find out what comes next for Rolen’s kin. I finished the books last month. Kudos on the excellent writing. I’ll try to write a review on my blog soon.

  3. Lizzy

    They look amazing! I’m very excited for when they become available!

    Will they be available in all ‘good’ bookstores? [though I know there is a while to go!]

    • Lizzy, I’m very luck with the book fariies!

      The Outcast Chronicles will be available in specialist bookstores in Australia. And I hope to be at the Supanovas.

      I’ll be in Sydney in June 17- 19.

  4. Cláudia Abreu

    Yey! Two great great news!!

    I’m dying to read the new trilogy, the covers are breathtaking. So the story must be to die for! 😉

    And it is really cool to know that we are now a step closer to some ‘news’ about our friends from KRK.

    Thank you Rowena, for giving us great stories to read.

    • Claudia,

      So glad you enjoyed King Rolen’s Kin. I’m looking forward to writing the new trilogy and visiting old friends.

      The new trilogy is sensual and dark, full of betrayal and tests of honour and loyalty!

  5. It would help if I could spell fairies. Sigh.

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