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Time for Pretties!

The guys at SOLARIS came up with this advert for the Outcast Chronicles. (With thanks to Clint Langley for the wonderful covers).

I know, so cool. Feel very lucky!



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How cool is this?

My Dh had finished the trailer for The Outcast Chronicles. Ta Da!

I’m going to interview him in a couple of weeks about putting the trailer together, so if you have any questions, drop them in the comments.


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Winner Kate Forsyth book give-away!

Kate says:

I loved all the comments but my favourite was from Faith. I think her advice to always be nice to lost bears is very true and very wise, and so she wins the copy of BITTER GREENS.

I was also very touched by all the comments about fairy stories being read by parents and grandparents and what wonderful memories they created, and I absolutely agree with everyone who said that the message of fairy tales is to be brave, resourceful and kind – that’s what I think to!

So Faith, if you email Kate on: kate(at)kateforsyth(dot)com(dot)au 

Kate will arrange to post you a copy of her book.

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Writers and First-world Problems

This is Sassy cat, who lives up to her name. It’s winter here in Brisbane and my laptop is the perfect place to sleep. The moment I leave the computer to make a cup of tea, she jumps up, adds her on input to the manuscript – a string of gibberish – and makes herself comfortable. She protests when I remove her.

What would writers do without cats?


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