My crime-noir-paranomral is out!

I wrote the first draft of this book when I was 23. Now… it is in print.

With thanks to Marianne de Pierres for introducing me to Lindy Cameron of Clandestine Press.



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7 responses to “My crime-noir-paranomral is out!

  1. Fantastic Rowena. Well done and woot! I’ll have to order myself a copy.

  2. Congratulations, Rowena! And great news to hear about a new Aussie press… but I just tried to add your book to the shopping cart at … which it seemed to do, but now I can’t find a link to the cart so I can check out and pay… any help greatly appreciated… plus, is it possible to beg plead and grovel for a signed book plate, so my copy will be autographed?

  3. seantheblogonaut

    Congrats. For some reason I expected the book to be physically smaller. Looks very impressive, good choice of colours for the shelf too, very striking.

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