In the bad old days before the internet you only ever found like-minded fans of the Speculative Fiction genre at conventions or in specialty bookstores.

Now days we don’t feel so isolated. Scattered across the web there are many wonderful blogs dedicated to celebrating genre writing. I was lucky enough to appear as a guest on some of these blogs.

(If you would like me to be a guest on your blog leave a request in the comments)

In order of most recent:

Guest post Falcata Times: Setting Stories Free of Genre

Fantasy Book Cafe: What goes on in writers’ heads

Guest Post Book Probe reviews: Living through Art

Interview on Cheryse Durrant’s blog  where I talk about writing craft

Helen Lowe’s Blog: Fantasy, the poor cousin of science fiction.

Fantasy & Scifi Lovin’ News & reviews: Why is fantasy so popular?

James Maxey’s Blog: Powerful Women Factual and Fictional

Booky Monster guest post: Confessions of a Speculative Fiction Fan

Beauty in Ruins guest post: Why I love the world Wide Web (or How the WWW set me Free)

Night Owl Interview

ARRA guest post: Why do Writers Write?

Sean the Blogonaut Snapshot 2012 Rowena Cory Daniells

Zena Shapter’s Blog talking about writing craft- Panters Vs Plotters

Clarkesworld Magazine Epic series of interviews about Epic Fantasy, Part One and Part Two

Civilian Reader Interview

Author in Focus (Marianne’s Tara Sharp Blog)

Interview on Darkside Downunder

BiblioBuffet round-table interview by Gillian Pollack with James Maxey and Juliet McKenna

Adventures of a Bookonaut interview on Social Media

Parking Lot Professional Guest Post: Creativity, does it just come to you, or do you have to go after it with a club?

Podcast interviewed by Gail Z Martin

Fantasy Faction Interview

Drey’s Library Interview

In Praise of Fantasy

Interview on the ROR Blog

How to Survive a World Con

Interview SciFiFanLetter

Interviewed by Gary Kemble

Guest Post Dark Eva’s Blog: Nostalgia

Interview on Literary Escapism

Guest Post on Book Junkie: Remember when School Holidays lasted for ever?

Guest Post on the Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Book Review: Reading Fuels the Creative Crucible

Interview Spec Fic Snapshot

Guest Post on the talented Nalini Singh’s Blog: Kissing Cousins, (or why I think bookshops and publishers put too much emphasis on genre tags)

Guest Post on Fantasy Book Critic: I love Genre

Guest Post on Galaxy Bookshop: A Reward Yourself Read

Interview with LEC Book Review

Interview with LoveCats DownUnder

Guest Post on Nayu’s Reading Corner: Writers are Born not Made

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