One thing readers hate is not being able to find a complete list of an author’s published books so here it is, a list of my different series.

Fantasy Books:

King Rolen’s Kin trilogy  (Published 2010)

King Byren’s Kin trilogy (Currently writing a sequel to KRK)

The Outcast Chronicles (Due out 2012)

The Last T’En (First of my published trilogies)

Paranormal Crime Books:

The Price of Fame

Clandestine Press


3 responses to “BOOKS

  1. Darker Grey

    Just finished The Usurper,enough already with teasing us with the possibility of byrrade(Byren+Orrade)we need some full frontal snogging with plenty of tongue or betterr yet a full blown affair(pretty please with cherry on top).please?

  2. Sarah

    Sorry DG but I think it is pretty obvious that Byren isn’t into Orrade like that. If he was I think he would have more personal conflict about his feelings towards Orrade, his sister and of course F. I can’t wait for the second series to come so bring on KRK2!!!!! Any chance of some teasers Ms. Daniells? Something to hold us over?

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