King Rolen’s Kin Book Four

Now that I’ve handed in The Outcast Chronicles I can concentrate on the next King Rolen’s Kin Book. I’ve had so many people email me, comment on my blog or send me messages on GoodReads asking where they can get the next book, that I thought I’d better let people know what’s in store for Byren, his family and friends.

King-maker, King-breaker

A king without a crown, Byren seeks to reclaim the Rolencian throne.  But his bastard cousin Cobalt sided with the Merofynian invader, Palatyne, and has been made the puppet-king of Rolencia. Cobalt has had the marriage of Byren’s parents declared illegal so now Cobalt’s claim to the throne is as good as Byren’s and Cobalt is cunning.  He never fights when he can persuade.

Betrayed by rogue Affinity, Byren lost the battle of Narrowneck. In the last moments, he sent Florin, his mountain-girl, to safety.  (He should have known she would come after him). The Rolencian spar warlords who had sworn allegiance to Byren, now see him as weak. None lifted a hand to help when he was sent to Palatyne to be executed. Only his best friend, Orrade, made it to Merofynia. With the help of Lord Dunstany, Orrade and Fyn freed Byren.

Before upstart spar warlord Palatyne could wed Isolt Kingsdaughter and consolidate his hold on the Merofynian throne, Byren defeated him. Entrusting Merofynia and his betrothed to the care of his brother Fyn, Byren sailed for home, looking for vengeance against his cousin Cobalt.

Because of his innate affinity for power, Fyn never expected to take an active role in the game of Duelling Kingdoms. Instead he was meant for life in Halcyon Abbey. But he’s since discovered, like all tools, Affinity is not evil – the intent lies in the minds of those who wield the tool. He can never go back to the abbey and live a lie.

Byren has asked him to stay in civilised Merofynian to help Isolt Kingsdaughter hold her throne. Fyn holds his honour high, but he never expected to fall in love with his brother’s betrothed. Now he has Isolt and the kingdom that belonged to his grandfather … meanwhile, the priest whispers that all this could be his. Should be his.

When he receives word that the Merofynian spar warlords, embolded by Palatyne’s near success, are massing to invade, he must gather forces and defend a kingdom that can never be his. Ironic as this is, he sets out to do the right thing, keeping Isolt at a distance, even though it pains him. He is alone, without Lord Dunstany’s advice, without even his sister, Piro.

Not wanting to be  married off, a piece in the game of Duelling Kingdoms, Piro accepted Agent Tyro’s offer to go to Ostron Isle and learn to control her affinity for power.  Tyro is an agent of the dangerous Mage Tsulamyth, but only Piro knows that the mage died leaving Tyro, his half trained apprentice, to carry on his work of bringing peace to the three kingdoms of Rolencia, Merofynia and Ostron Isle.

With trouble brewing in both Merofynia and Rolencia, Tyro has no time to train Piro and leaves her in Mage Tower.  Never one to sit idle and Piro sets off to help her brothers.

108 responses to “King Rolen’s Kin Book Four

  1. Nanohansen

    Just finished the last book in KRK trilogy 1 can’t wait untill the next book comes out.
    can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. il probably check this site everyday to check when the next one comes out.
    Keep up the good work and make another epic adventure for Byren, Piro and Fyn
    wish you well

    A big fan from norway.

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  3. Alyssa

    Oh my gosh i just read all of that, and im so excited to for this set to come out. i can not wait. I sounds Amazing.!!!

    • Alyssa. I love writing these books. It’s like an extended DVD which I just plunge into and relive the adventure over and over, with all the different characters.

      Just wish the cooking and cleaning could do itself!

  4. Joan Tucker

    I picked up Kings Bastard figuring it would be a nice distraction from boredom but OMG, after finishing I had to run out and buy the next two or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. How long before trilogy 2? I am completely enthralled. I can’t wait!

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  6. Sarah

    Yay for the 2nd triology to come out!!!!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is when readers want more and an author actually responds. There are several series out now that I love but with 3 + years inbetween books I start to lose my interest. So glad to hear you are already on this set and I will be first in line (or online) to purchase it! Still hoping for some romantic interest between Piro and Tyro. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!!

  7. Atsuska

    I’m SO excited for the second trilogy! Please tell me that Byren and Orry get together!

  8. Julie

    Hi Rowena, have just finished the first three and am THRILLED to see there’s more to come! Lent the books to a friend at work who devoured them as soon as I finished with them. He told me today that you are now his all-time favourite author. He will be over the moon! This time I’ll tell him to buy his own copies…. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, Julie. You made my day!

      They say every book bought is read by 5 different people so, thanks for passing my trilogy along to your friend.

      I’m 100 pages into book one of the next trilogy and it’s just like meeting old friends.

  9. Albert

    I just finish reading book 3 in King Rolen’s Kin and I must say that I’m hooked. Can’t wait for the next trilogy. You kept me guessing til the very end. Thanks for the awesome read.

  10. Just this minute finished KRK trilogy 1 and was so disappointed that there were no more books to continue reading. It is an amazing trilogy, definitely up there in my top ten books I’ve read. I am So happy to know that the story will continue. Thanks for an fantastic read. Love your books and can’t wait to read more, Robbie

    • Thanks, Robbie. I’ve been working flat out at my paid job this last week, riding on the train day dreaming about where the new trilogy is going. Can’t wait to have a day clear when I can get back to writing!

      (Wish writing paid enough to quit my day job and do nothing but write!)

  11. Caló Abreu


    Can’t wait for it! Just reading what you wrote about the new KRK trilogy reminded me of why I look at my bookcase and find myself wondering what will be of King Byren and his siblings. Thank you Rowena for telling their story! =)

    Hope you have fun writing the trilogy!

  12. Susan Hirsch

    I loved the KRK trilogy and can’t wait for the next book,let alone the next three to come out. I agree with Nanohansen, that I will continue to check the sites to see when the next will be published. It is so good, that I would buy the hardbound copy, instead of waiting for a paperback, lol. Keep writing and I will send the wishes out that writing become more profitable.

  13. I just finished the 3rd book in the KRK’s triology. I loved it and I can’t wait to read more! Thanks for the fantastic story! It is a good example of why I love to read and write. 🙂

    • So glad you enjoyed KRK, Victoria. When I wrote the trilogy I just wanted to write the kind of book that you reward yourself with on a Saturday afternoon, after a long week at work. Something to sweep you away!

      • Well it was certainly that! Except for the last book, I read through the series so fast! I wanted to make the third book last longer only to find the ending didn’t resolve. (Yay! and *a small grunt of frustration*) It’s kinda sad to see the end of the world that you find fascinating and amazing. It took me the longest time to read Return of the King and the last Harry Potter book just for that reason.

  14. Kasey

    Been hooked on your books since I picked up the first book in the T’en series at a used bookstore. Looked around at the local bookstores for several years for the rest, then I gave up and ordered online. 🙂 Picked the KRK series up immediately after I saw it, and then I couldn’t put it down! After finishing the first book, I had already recommended it to several people. I was so sad when it was over, and the story wasn’t finished! Very very very glad you are writing another trilogy about them! Like Sarah above, I’m hoping for some romance between Piro and Tyro in this next series too!

    • Thank you, Kasey.

      And thank you for recommending my books! That’s what authorslike to hear.

      Yes, I knee deep in the new trilogy. Hopefully, if I get a good patch without interruptions, I’ll be neck deep!

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  16. Arnaud

    Love/hate reaction on that trilogy? You bet! Why so? I have read this trilogy in less than two weeks!!! Bought on July 10th; we are now July 21st and I have nothing to read anymore!! Anybody in my position would hate that for sure ;o) So yes, I hate to love that trilogy so fiercely and have to wait for the next part which I anticipate will be as thrilling! Rowena, you have a talent for twisting the plot just so, and leave enough material to cover that it just glitters in front of us poor readers as a promise for addiction … No less :o) I thank you for all those hours passed traveling without feeling one bit annoyed by the wait, the delayed flights or the boring hours in a dull hotel room … Bien au contraire!

    PS: Kudos to Clint Langley for his talented vision on each covers. It truly fits your writing to its best!


    • Arnaud, can I hire you as my publicist? LOL
      So glad KRK saved you from boring bus/train/plane rides. I have a tendency it disappear inside a book, so if I’m reading on the train home, I keep checking which station I’m at. I’ve been known to suddenly look up and jump off the train.
      Yes kudos to Clint and to Solaris for selecting him. He’s done a wonderful job on the covers for the Outcast Chronicles, too.

  17. Steve

    Hey Rowena, amazing books, read all three in the space of 3 days!! That included rushing out to buy the second and third ones!! Cant wait for the next trilogy, If you want, i will come cook, clean and goto work for you so you can concentrate on writing 😛

    All the best and look forward to the next adventures in Rolencia!

  18. Hannah

    Hi, I met you at Supernova this year in Sydney and I bought your books there and you signed them for me, my first book signing ever =] and i just wanted to say I absolutely loved the trilogy . I only just got around to reading the books and i read all of them in less than 3 days, the last one in less than 10 hours XD… i couldn’t put them down and I haven’t really done that to a book series in a long time. I’m looking forward to all your future books and I know between now and than ill prob read the series again XD Thank you so much
    ❤ Hannah

  19. Sam

    I have to admit, started off kind of with a mixed stance about KRK Trilogy, i had just finished reading Chronicles of the necromancer when i picked the first one up and i found the pacing terrible in comparison, as such i had a hard time getting into it. I’ll happily admit that i’m nearly finished the third and completely hooked, My only problem now is the next series isn’t already out for me to jump straight into.

    Keep up the amazing work, and hurry up so i can enjoy it faster ;P

  20. justin


    I have just finished the last of the KRK trilogy 1. I thought the books were really good and i enjoyed reading them. I got the King’s Bastard out of the Library in Logan during the Fantasy month and read the first book really fast for me only three days (during the work week) then i had to go and get the Uncrowned King straight away and again read it in three days (mostly during the week) I got the last one Usurper only two days ago and it is was finished yesterday. (only two days) I could not put them down. I got onto your website because Usurper did not end the story and I noted that there were no more of the books at the library. I am SOOOOOO glad to hear that you are writing a new set to finish off the story.
    I liked your unique use of magic/power and your ability to create and develop your characters was really interesting and realistic. The way the different characters saw the same events different through there own experiences – Fantastic- very real and believable and thus more appealing to read!
    Thanks and be encourage to finish off this great story…
    It is also good to read the comments made by others and your responses to them. It shows your real love and passion for the books that you are writing! I now know that you have written a few more and I will be searching to get a hold of them to read as well.
    Thank you for your passion and love for the genre! This makes reading the stories that much better it is the difference between a good writer and a GREAT writer!!

    • Wow Justin. Such a long comment!

      Thank you for your detailed feedback. I tried to write the kind of fantasy book that made me love the genre in the first place, while making the story more contemporary and more realistic. So glad you ejnoyed these aspects.

      I”m 250 pages into book one of the new trilogy. Now, if I could just finish the renovations and juggle me work to give me more free time …

  21. Phillip

    I’ve just finished the first trilogy and was disappointed to realize that there was more to come in further books. This disappointment was erased upon the realization that m our books are coming.
    Keep up the great work, really enjoying your writing

    • Thanks, Phillip.

      Spent the weekend cleaning up the back room, filling a skip (a huge industrila sized rubbish bin), cleaning the walls and now have to dash out to get more paint. But in between times I’ve been in the world of KRK 2.

      Oh, the things I’m doing to these poor characters….

  22. Carrie

    Just finished the third book after an all-nighter of reading (still can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about what’s going to happen next!). So happy to hear that you are working on the next book. I’ve never been so swept away by a story before – the pace and intensity was so fierce that i literally had to tear myself away to put the book down! It felt like I was right there with them the whole way.
    Thanks for the great read, can’t wait for the next installment 🙂

  23. Melissa

    OMG!! I met you at Supanova Sydney this year (next to J Fallon) and saw the bookmarks of the books and bought them because reading the blurb of one, it looked interesting and the art work was very intriguing. WOW! I only had a chance to start reading them on Saturday and I stayed up till 4am this morning finishing off the trilogy! I cant believe how good these books are 🙂 The books were fantastic and kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat the whole time. The writing was excellent and I loved (and hated) the characters. I truly loved how they had flaws and were not perfect yet others still loved them (i.e Isolt with her father and Piro with hers).

    One thing I must say is unlike George R R Martin’s Ice and Fire series, where he also had roller coaster action, I stopped reading after the third book because every good character died or was dead after reading about them for half a book. I got so sick of it, it turned me off the series and I didn’t get involved/or cared about any character not knowing if they would live or not. However, in direct contrast, your books have a wonderful roller coaster ride and page turning action which was very exciting but at no time did I feel that I had to get off because of unnecessary bloodshed or useless killing off of characters just for shock value. I love how things followed true to course without adding unnecessary deaths. (don’t get me wrong I really wished some bad guys got killed in various ways but I will have to wait for trilogy 2 for that I think!)

    I started scouring the internet first thing today to beg, plead and bribe you to make more books for King Rolens Kin and I am so happy to see that you have already started!


  24. Katti

    . . . i just recently started reading and your trilogy is the second one i started. I took my time reading thru book one. . til i read the last paragraph . . . (shouldn’t have done that) but it helped me read it faster, cuz like i said i just started reading and i used to HATE reading. The last two books went faster, although i did find myself reading book three the fastest.
    Couldn’t help it, the book was ending and Byren still had to deal with Cobalt. My heart was literally racing (not kidding here) faster and faster as i neared the end only to find out. . . 😦 an unwritten line of To Be Continued. . .

    Love your story about twins, and i really do miss Lence

    a new reader who stayed up til 4am one night finishing The Uncrowned King when she was up at 5am the morning before

  25. JJ

    I just wanted to say that I read KRK-triology in three days… What can I say, I love reading, I love fantasy, and I absolutely love your characters. It is refreshing to see a gay character in a fantasy setting as well.
    I have been on an ozzy fantasy binge lately, Karen Miller, Trudy Canavan, Sara Douglass, Glenda Larke… I don’t know what you ladies get in your water to make you such amazing story-weavers…
    So yeah, a big thank you for all your hard work, you bring joy to so many people around the world.
    /JJ in Sweden

  26. Nathan Fabb

    Hello Rowena,
    Just finshed reading KRK trilogy and absolutely loved it! I raced online straight away to hunt down the fourth book. Unfortunately i will have to exercise some patience, but its heartening to know that you are working on it.
    In lieu of that i am enthusiastically hunting down ‘The Last T’En’ trilogy to read and enjoy 🙂
    After reading responses you’ve given to other people, im amazed you can fit so much into your life! How do you manage it?
    Can’t wait for KBK trilogy!!
    Take care.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s been a long day and I appreciate you taking the time to drop by the blog.

      I was teaching today and trying to dash off a few more lines on the book while the students worked independently when one of them called me over to answer a question. I said, ‘you do realise the main character is tied to the mast and a wyvern’s just landed on the deck?’ They laughed. They know I’m a bit crazy.

      By the end of this week I hope to have a functioning kitchen. Yay! It’s been 2 months of upheaval. But life is like that, it keeps getting in the way of the things you really want to do.

      Now, if I didn’t need to sleep I’d be right!

      • Nathan Fabb

        Hi Rowena,
        Thank you for the swift reply 🙂

        The crazy teachers were always the best ones in my experience!
        Writing in the middle of class, now thats dedication and love! oooo, i can’t wait to find out what happens after the wyvern lands!

        Good luck with the kitchen. Must be good for it to be nearly over!

        Amen, sleep does seem to take up far too much time.

        Take Care and good luck with everything.

  27. Jeremy

    I just finished reading The Usurper, took me 2 weeks to read the trilogy… I have to say at first I was sketchy about the books but I was soon pulled into the books… Good job loved the books cant wait to get my hands on the next trilogy… Favorite character was Fyn

  28. Katie

    King Rolen’s Kin was the first trilogy of your’s I read and I was immediately sucked in. I read all three in the course of a day, much to the amusement of my dad, who gave me the books. I can honestly say Orrade is my favorite character. I cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel trilogy.

  29. Love the story and the characters, though I prefer seeing the world through Byren and Piro’s eyes, maybe coz poor Fyn was locked away in the Abbey or at sea most of the time lol. Have to say I’m loving Piro, Tyro and Orrie, my favourite characters – usually read any bits with them in it twice before moving along 🙂 poor Orrie, if Byren won’t have him I will

    Keep up the good work, we appreciate it

  30. Katti

    Are we going to see some other point of view’s telling the story in the next trilogy? 😦 I would LOVE it read about Orrades inner struggles with feelings for Byren. And if he really has feelings for the mountain girl or if it’s just Byren hoping that his friend has feelings for her.
    OHH and i WOULD just LOVE to have Lord Cobolt’s Point of view when his DESERVED ending is happening. Cant wait to see what happens to him!!

  31. Aren

    Just finished the last of King Rolen’s Kin and was amazed with the characters and the twist and turns. I only really read fiction books if i can help it because i like the idea of adventures in great lands and the characters trying to overcome great odds but this book and this book contained all of that and suspense that made me feel like i was watching a show that should never end. I can’t wait to watch for the next trilogy to come out to see if Byren can reclaim Rolencia, Piro’s life with the Mage, Fyn and Isolt finnaly admit to their feelings for each other, and to see who Byren will choose Florin or Orrie or both

    • Hi Aren,

      I just got back from an all weekend pop culture event with a bad case of brain-fry!

      But your comment made my day. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now, if I could just escape from ordinary life and do nothing but write!

  32. Dee

    Hi Rowena

    I bought the first KRK trilogy at Supanova in Brisbane this year, and you were kind enough to sign them for me. After taking them home and devouring them, I can’t wait for the next book(s) to come out!

    I fully intend to leave you a more detailed comment about all the things I loved about the trilogy, as soon as I’ve marshalled my thoughts…

    Will we see any of the narrative in the next series from Orrie’s perspective? He’s such an interesting character, and I felt like his potential went a bit untapped in the first trilogy.

    Thanks for a fantastic reading experience!!
    ~ Dee

  33. Aaron Marshall Wheeler

    Great Trilogy, just happen to stumble upon it in a nearby book store, for the time before i got around to reading the first book i was curious as to whether id wasted my money, but surely enough as soon as i started reading it i was engulfed in the troubles of king Rolen’s kin as if they were my own. you keep writing and ill keep reading!

  34. Jimmy Greene

    When do you expect this next trilogy to come out?! I absolutely can not wait!

    • Jimmy, I don’t have a date. I’m expecting to get a timeline for delivery of the books and publication soon. Will post it on the blog as soon as I know.
      Thank you SO much for the vote of confidence. We are writers are needy creatures. LOL!

  35. DY

    Hi Rowena

    Thank you so much for juggling your time to bring alive those wonderful characters to readers like me 🙂 Appreciate a lot. It is a difficult path to live and write at the same time, but please do go on, for our sake! 😀

    PS: When I was at the last pages of Book Three, I can’t help but think that the author didn’t expect the story to develop to such extent when she termed it a trilogy. LOL =P

  36. Kate

    I’m so excited that there is going to be a second trilogy! Just got done reading the first three for the second time. I know you’re not going to let anything slip, but thought I’d throw another some more support towards Byren and Orrie! Thanks for the great books!

  37. Sarah

    Fingers crossed that perhaps in 2012 we will see some Trilogy 2 books?!?! Just give me some hope! LOVE LOVE LOVE the series! Still pushing for Piro and the mage, Byren and F!

  38. VIlim

    when i saw the name and front picture in my bookstore that was enough to buy all 3 books to check them out…
    boy i got to say i love the books, took me about day and a half for 1 😀
    i hated it when i realised that there is more to come
    ME WANT MOAR ! when is the release date ? :p

  39. Ellen

    I found KRK through a couple of reviews

    I’m sooo glad I checked them out! I fell in love with KRK but how could you leave us on such a cliffhanger?? OMG please write more soon, I’m so addicted it isn’t funny! I love Orrade and Florin so much. I sometimes just want to smack Byren though, lol. Thank you for writing and I can’t wait for KRK2!!

  40. Janie bright

    My husband has dyslexia, so it usually takes him awhile to finish a book. He doesn’t read much because of this. He went to a bookstore and bought the first 3 books at the same time. He finished them all in less than a week. We both loved them!!! Any word yet on when a new one will be out? Can’t wait.

    • Janie – Wow – I feel honoured. No honestly. For someone with Dyslexia to have read my books in a week. That is an amazing effort and I am delighted (isn’t a strong enough word) the story swept him away.

      I will have to knuckle under and get the next 3 books finished!

      I feel like I should put your quote on my web site!

      Cheers, Rowena

  41. Rickyflip

    I am usually a bit of a high fantasy snob, and won’t entertain authors outside my comfort zone (Feist, Martin, Jordan, Sanderson, Hobb). I picked up book 1 because the title and cover art intrigued me. I raced through all 3 books in short order, as I was hooked from the outset. Not only am I waiting with baited breath for the next instalment, but your story has inspired me to write my own high fantasy series. If it is half as good as KRK, I’ll be happy!

    Keep on writing, but don’t rush it! We want to read the story as you intended it to be told, not to meet a publisher deadline or to keep us eager fans quiet!

    • A high fantasy snob, Rick?

      Wow, I’ve heard of literary snobs… I must admit, I’m a genre fan from way back, before I even realised the things I loved to read came from genres.

      I just look for a rollicking read. So that’s what I set out to write. Thanks for the kind words.

  42. Amber G.

    Dear Mrs. Rowena Cory Daniells,

    I have to say, I first got curious about your KRK’s books because of their wonderful covers….untill I got totally swipe out by the power in play within the book (books, since I’ve devoured all three of them like a total addict :)…oh well, a very well-written fantasy book is so much better than any others addictions in life!) You have a wonderfull style, and the epicness of the stories is breathtaking. I seriously can’t wait to know (read) what’s in store for the three Rolen siblings (and Tyro, since I like him so much!! :))! Reading you was great fun, please keep up the good work!!

    An amazed fan up-there in Canada (talking about snow, want us to ship some to you, we do have too much of it ;))


  43. Vilim

    any news about new books coming out?
    and also, can u recommend a few fantasy book? i cant seam to find anything new in my book store, like a trilogy or something u found great?

  44. I love the first trilogy you have published and i cant wait for the second trilogy can u please email me if you have time to let me know when it may be coming out!!!

  45. Jill

    Just finished the last book of KRK, and was on the edge of my seat for all three — cant wait for the next trilogy!! — Just got a kitten and named her Pirola Myrella!!!

  46. lisa

    I just finished the last book of KRK,wow i couldn’t put them down. A friend who lends me her books all the time gave them to me to read. I do not normally read fantasy books like these my regular type is supernatural stuff. However i love your books this story kept me up late every night because i had to know what was going to happen next. Thank you so much for such an excellent read can’t wait for the next book!!!!!

  47. Alena

    Oddly enough I spotted the illustrations on these books first and thought they were cool (I’m an artist who loves doing fantasy art myself) had to pick it up and see what this series was all about glad I did! I’m really excited to hear that there will be a continuation of this series, so looking forward to it! I read a lot of fantasy books and it’s hard to find a book with a good pace, adventure and really good characters you want to connect with! 🙂

  48. Mariko

    Just finished “The Usurper” – Wow!!! What a great read! I can also appreciate how you set up so many exciting possibilities for KRK II! I read most of the comments on this blog & was amazed to learn that you are NOT a full-time writer, yet, are capable of producing such an enjoyable, creative & fast-paced story!! Congrats & kudos to you for being an awesome juggler in real life & in fantasy!!!

    I feel bad asking you for the next trilogy because it means that you are sacrificing in other areas. Please know that I’ll be one of many, eagerly awaiting KRK II. However, patience is a virtue & all good things come to those who wait. 😉

  49. Like I told you I would, via twitter, I finished the KRK trilogy, and I have to admit that it was one of the most enjoyable 3 book reads that I’ve had in quite a while..! Between you, Kate Elliott, Jennifer Fallon, Carol Berg, I find that your books are so much fun to read. One of the things I most appreciate is how you move the story along….I mean, I found myself finishing one book so quickly that I couldn’t wait to get on to the next. Now that I’ve found you are doing a KRK II book series, I’m equally looking forward to getting started. I guess I’ll just have to get going on the Outcast Chronicles to pass the time inbetween, and if they are anything like KRK, the time will pass much too fast. Thanks for the enjoyable reads, looking forward to more great things from you…! Mark (@yanalunas on Twitter)

  50. Brenda

    Just finished the KRK2 trilogy and can’t wait for King Byren’s Kin! Thanks for a great read!

  51. Vilim

    so….when’s the happy day? how much longer till we can get our hands on the new books? first trilogy has a special place in my collection ( am reading them for the 4th time atm 😉 ) and i cant wait to to see what happens to byren and what kind of affinity power he has 😀

  52. Jenna

    Oh. My. God. I can’t wait! When does this come out?! I’m so excited, this is by far my favourite series, and you are one of my favourite authors, I love you. 🙂 ❤

  53. Josh

    Loved the first three books and i hope it’s not too long a wait for the next.

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