Last T’En

This trilogy has been very popular with readers. Even though the first book appeared over ten years ago, people still come up to me at events with much-read copies for me to sign. They tell me how they’ve searched high and low for the third book, which sold out in Australia and then wasn’t reprinted. (Desperate Alliances is the US edition of the third book).


14 responses to “Last T’En

  1. Melanie

    Hi Rowena

    I have looked for the above books on amazon – it comes up with the following:

    Briken Vows
    Dark Dreams
    Desperate Aliances

    Are these the same books? I love your books but would like you to confirm before i buy!!

    Can NOT wait unitll KRK 2 comes out!!!



    • Hi Melanie,

      Yes, those are the US editions of the books. So glad you enjoyed KRK.

      I think you’ll love the T’En books. People are still coming up to me 10 years later at events with much read copies to tell me how much they enjoyed them.

      The new trilogy is about the T’En but goes back 600 years to tell how they were banished from their homeland.

      Thanks for contacting me. You made my day!

      Cheers, Rowena

  2. Melanie

    Meant to say am in UK!


  3. Melanie

    Hi Rowena

    Thank you so much for your reply – I have just purtchased the three books this morning. two from Amazon, one from Ebay! Can’t wait for them to arrive so I can read them!!! My husband might get a bit annoyed though as I have a tendancy to get “lost” in my books when i enjoy them and only talk to him in the evenings to ask for another mug of tea!!! haha

    Thanks for replying – was bouncing around the house for at least an hour after receiving the email!!!


    • Hey, Mel.

      Do you write reviews? If you have a blog site and do reviews I can make sure you get free copies of my next trilogy when it comes out!

      • Trevor England

        how i wish i could write reviews now lol i am i chef though, fly me to australia and i’ll cook you dinner for the KRK2 trilogy when ur done writing it!! haha

      • LOL, love a good dinner, Trevor.

        I have a friend who is into cooking and when we go away on our writing retreats (he’s a writer,too), he cooks up the most amazing food for us, just because he like the challenge.

        Cheers, R

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  6. Louise

    Hi Rowena,

    I was just wondering if there were any plans to re-release this trilogy, what with the upcoming prequel and the success of KRK?


  7. Brittanii

    I just wanted to say thank you. My mum bought me the first book in the series when it first came out – I was about ten, and home from school, sick. She thought it was a neat and tidy fantasy novel! lol
    Even so, I got addicted to the series. Still searching for the third book, though. Damn them for not reprinting it in Australia! xDD

    You’re awesome. Thanks again.

  8. Sherilyn

    I accidentally ran across your series while looking for books similar to Game of Thrones. I am so interested in reading all of your books, but I searched on Barnes and and even Amazon and it doesn’t show that the Last T’en series is available anymore! :'[

    • Hi Sherilyn (my sister’s name is Sheralyn)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my books!

      The original series sold out and was never reprinted. I have the rights back and am planning to re-release the trilogy as soon as I can orgnise this. I’ll be making an announcement on my blog in the next month or so.

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