OC Inspiration

I see this trilogy as a richly detailed, beautiful puzzle, packed with power, love and betrayal.

The T'En live in the Celestial City, where they bathe in the moonlight on rooftop gardens.

How would magic really affect people? How would it change the way they interact? And how would the people who don’t have magic react to those who did?

All of this sounds very serious, but the series has lashing of passion, betrayal and adventure because I love a rollicking read. The Outcast Chronicles tells the story of a race of mystics born with innate magical ability, the T’En.

Tobazim did his initiate training at a winery in the south.

Vastly outnumbered by mieren, people without magical abilities, the T’En are persecuted because those who fear their gifts. This persecution culminates in a bloody pogrom sanctioned by the mieren king who lays siege to the Celestial City, last bastion of the mystics. When it is clear the mystics cannot hold off their attackers, their leader sends her greatest warriors to kidnap the king’s grandson and negotiates her people’s surrender in exchange for the boy’s life. The T’Enatuath are exiled.

Imoshen was raised on a lighthouse island, unaware that she was a prisoner.

The T’En are born with innate gifts, but their power exacts a toll and their whole society has been built around containing and controlling the gifts. While the males are physically stronger, the females’ gifts are more powerful so there is a delicate balance of power. Trysting (making love) is a tricky negotiation and there’s constant tension between the males and females. Because of this conflict, their society is divided into brotherhoods and sisterhoods. The T’En are served by half-bloods who cannot leave due to mieren persecution. Serving the T’En is dangerous  for the half-bloods because they can become addicted to particular mystic’s gift and live out their life enslaved to that particular T’En.

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