The Price of Fame

Just as readers don’t just read one genre, writers don’t just write in one genre. I’ve always been a fan of mysteries. I loved Laurell K Hamilton’s early  Anita Blake books. I’m a big fan of Simon Green’s Nightside series and who doesn’t love Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books?

So, naturally, I couldn’t resist writing my own paranormal-mystery, coming soon from Clandestine Press. With this book I tried to deliver a convincing mystery, while maintaining the paranormal elements.

“Strong, complex – and don’t read the last three chapters alone, after dark.”

Kerry Greenwood

Suspenseful, eerie, sexy, sad and triumphant. RC Daniells certainly knows how to tantalise readers.

Marianne de Pierres

RC Daniells’ vivid storytelling, strong characters and distinctive sense of place combine to make The Price of Fame a compelling tale with a distinctly Australian feel.

Narrelle M Harris

The Price of Fame

Sex, drugs and rock music: the demons of youth – until fame demands its price

Documentary maker Antonia Carlyle uncovers dark secrets when she researches the cult ’80s band, The Tough Romantics, and its doomed singer Genevieve James. The iconic band’s rise to international fame had as much to do with their cutting edge sound as their history of tragedy, betrayal and murder.

The deeper Antonia digs, the stranger the circumstances surrounding Genevieve’s death seem. Was the wrong man charged with murder? Do the surviving band members know more than they’ve revealed? How far will they go to hide the truth?

Antonia must face her own demons and those that haunt the St Kilda terraced house where the band tore itself apart decades before. As the past spills into the present, Antonia’s growing psychic link with the dead girl feeds her obsession to find the truth.

But will it be enough to lay Genevieve’s ghost to rest?

6 responses to “The Price of Fame

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  2. Eeeee! So happy to see this one in print, Rowena

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