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Cats and Writers…

I don’t think I will become the mad cat lady but…

Sat down to work and opened up the top drawer to get something, then turned around to find Sassy cat had decided the desk drawer was hers.

What? I was just getting comfortable.

A moment later…

If you don’t mind, I’ll get back to my nap.

Cats and writers. Did you know that cuddling a purring cat lowers blood pressure?



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Writers and First-world Problems

This is Sassy cat, who lives up to her name. It’s winter here in Brisbane and my laptop is the perfect place to sleep. The moment I leave the computer to make a cup of tea, she jumps up, adds her on input to the manuscript – a string of gibberish – and makes herself comfortable. She protests when I remove her.

What would writers do without cats?


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